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IMG_8628When it comes to muscle recovery and injury prevention following long training runs, I usually opt for an ice bath. I’ve found that ice baths prevent muscle soreness and cramps. The downside to ice baths include buying the large bags of ice, pouring them into the tub, and mustering up enough willpower to actually get into the ice bath. Once in, it is really a struggle to sit in the bath long enough for the benefit to take effect as 5-10 minutes feel more like hours in the frigid water.

This is where Cryobus and cryotherapy completely change the game. Cryo originates from the Greek word meaning ‘cold’ and therapy which means ‘cure.’ The Cryobus travels to locations all over Knoxville. The Cryotherapy chamber is kept at -130 to -184 degrees F and the chill options are set for 1, 2, or 3 minutes. This is half the time of a typical ice bath.

Proven benefits of the Cryotherapy include, but are not limited to:

  • Decreases muscle soreness
  • Reduce Pain, swelling, and Inflammation
  • Reduces delayed onset of muscle soreness
  • Increases energy and athletic performance
  • Allows more intense and higher volume training
  • Improves muscle strength and joint function
  • Overall faster return to sport training
  • Decreases injury recovery time
  • Decreases levels of oxidative stress

Tips before you visit the Cryobus:

  • Bring a dry change of metal free clothing
    • Ladies– wirefree sports bra and spandex/short shorts
    • Guys– wirefree spandex or short shorts
    • You want as much ice-to-skin contact as possible for the highest level of benefit to occur
  • Remove all jewelry, especially any metals
  • The Cryobus team will provide you with socks, slippers, gloves, and a robe.

Here’s how the Cryotherapy session went for me:

First, I put on a pair of socks, gloves, and slippers provided by the Cryobus team.


Then I was fitted for the chamber to ensure that my head would be above the ceiling hole. They added a few cushion pads to the floor.


Then, I stepped in with the robe on, slipped off the robe, and gave it to the staff through the top of the chamber. I slowly rotated my entire body around for the 3 minutes that I was inside of the Cryotherapy chamber while keeping my head above the hole at all times. When the time was up, they handed me back the robe through the top of the chamber.


Personal Results

I equated the session to results I usually get from an ice bath following a long run. What I really enjoyed about the visit was that they walked me through the entire process, supplied me with gloves, socks, footwear, and a robe to keep me comfortable. Best of all, I wasn’t left cleaning up anything like I usually am after an ice bath. There are only 2 locations of Cryotherapy currently available in Knoxville and the East Tennessee Spine and Sport Cryobus that I was able to try actually comes to locations near you! If you’re interested in giving this style of recovery a try, you can contact them at Visit their website at and be sure to follow the @cryobus on Instagram! Be sure to mention 865 Running for their affiliate pricing.


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