A.R.T. and Chiropractic Adjustments

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“As a chiropractor, my goal isn’t just to help you heal from injury. It’s also to help you learn to prevent injury from occurring. I make use of a variety of diagnostic procedures from a multitude of chiropractic and neurologic disciplines, which reveal faulty neurological conditioning, aberrant movement patterns, joint fixations, muscle weaknesses and incorrect muscle recruitment.”

Dr. John, Sport and Wellness Chiropractic center

Dr. John’s chiropractic office stands out from the rest because he includes Active Release Techniques (ART) with his chiropractic adjustments. These pin and stretch massage techniques are protocols for problems in the upper and lower extremity of the body and are considered the standard for soft tissue evaluation and manipulation in the sporting community. This combination of chiropractic and myofascial manipulations can accelerate the healing process for injuries, aid in the prevention of sports-related injuries, and is guaranteed to make anyone faster after just one visit. Dr. John is also an extremity specialist, one of only a few in all of TN. He was recently awarded the accolade of Best Chiropractor by West Knoxville Lifestyle Magazine!

Benefits of chiropractic adjustments complemented by Active Release Techniques:

  • Reduced lower-back pain
  • Increased functional outcomes
  • Reduced frequency of migraines
  • Cost-effective treatment
  • Shorter recovery time
  • Increased flexibility
  • Decrease in pain-medication dependency

Personal Experience

Prior to the visits, I was dependent on migraine medication every other week due to cluster migraines from chronic tension. I also suffered from lower back that would cause my lower back to pop and tighten up when I’d bend over. Another issue I dealt with were ginormous knots in my calves that caused them to always be flexed. The issues negatively impacted my running, cadence, and speed.

After 4 visits of chiropractic adjustments and Active Release Technique massages, I haven’t had any headaches or migraines, my lower-back pain is completely gone, and my calves are slowly loosening up. As far as athletic performance, my flexibility and cadence are improving each week. I was also able to shave 20-seconds from my running pace.

I like how Dr. John doesn’t bash other offices or services. He offers his services and explains the techniques in detail. Because I have sprained both ankles on multiple occasions, he was sure to ask me if I had seen a physical therapist to remedy them. My calf muscles need a deeper Myofascial release that can’t be worked out in one chiropractic-ART session, so he recommended that I see a massage therapist.

As a runner, I want to be able to run without pain and having a provider that offers services and recommendations that will prevent further injury has helped me do just that. If you’re in the market for an ART certified provider and need an adjustment, I highly recommend that you check out Dr. John at Sport and Wellness Chiropractic!


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