Knoxville Running on a Budget

Once you complete your first race, that adrenaline kicks in and you feel like you can conquer anything once your feet pass that finish line. Then the goals change and that 5K becomes a 10K, half, or even a full marathon. Next thing you know, you’ve signed up for all the things!

Those races add up $ $ $, but I’d like to let you in on a little secret…

You don’t have to go broke trying to race!

Here are my tips for running on a budget in Knoxville:

  1. Join Knoxville Track Club

Members receive–

2. Volunteer at a Knoxville Track Club event

    Volunteers receive–

  • Race Swag (*when availabile: shirt, towels, cups, and/or other cool gear)
  • Coupon codes
    • Run in the race & Volunteer: $5 coupon
    • Volunteer only: $10 coupon
  • Community service hours
  • Possible cash rewards for large groups/programs 
  • End of year swag & awards based on volunteer hours at the Holiday Party
  • Earn points towards the Road/Trail Grand Prix
    • In order to qualify for the Hal W. Canfield Award in the trail/road Grand Prix, an individual must be a current KTC member and volunteer at least three Knoxville Track Club events.
    • Individuals must also place in any one of the overall or age divisions. The individual with the most points will receive the Hal W. Canfield Award. 
  • CHKM volunteers also have a Volunteer Appreciation Party with food and raffle prizes!

3. Join a team

  • If you create/join a team of 4 or more people, you get an extra $5 discount along with your KTC $5 discount! That’s $10 back in your pocket (for select races)

4. Register for a series of races (road/trail)

  • If you sign up for a trail/road/high mileage series, they offer you a package discount to save you extra money for the multiple events!

5. Register early!

  • You can save yourself extra money just by registering during early bird pricing!

6. Train with a group

  • There is a group run 7 days a week
    • Trail and road options
    • Early morning or evening
    • High and low mileage
    • Track, speed, hill training
  • Check the schedule to find a group run near you!

7. Opt out of the race shirt

  • If your dresser/closet is overflowing with race shirts, start opting out.
  • Most races offer a $5 discount if you choose not to have a race shirt with your registration. 

Why do YOU run??


I wanted to try something new with the posts…

I want to know WHY people run.

For me, I started running because I was out of shape from having a baby and had zero friends when I moved here. I wanted to be healthy and surround myself with great people who happen to run. Now I’m healthy and am friends with great people!

…so why do YOU run?

When the weather is crappy or sunny, what keeps you running?

Why do you keep showing up at the Group runs, gyms, or for long or short runs?

What got you started with running?

What keeps you coming back?

I would love to repost YOUR story with a picture to represent the runners of Knoxville!

Tag us to be featured #865running or email us at!

Photo Credit: Running the Alley

Knoxville Running

You know what I love about the Knoxville running scene?

It doesn’t matter if you’re fast, slow, big, small, tall, short, young, or old…

The folks you meet at the Knoxville Group Runs will welcome you and quite possibly become your new best friends!

Running is supposed to be fun, so why not run with a group?

Group runs are 7 days a week rain or shine, hot or cold.

Find one near you by checking the Knoxville Group Run Schedule

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