The Local Fun Run Schedule


5am Knoxville Endurance run at Sunago Coffee Co in Hardin Valley

6:00 PM Mellow Mushroom 2109 umberland Ave. (MM Running Crew)

6:30 PM Bearden Beer Market 4524 Old Kingston Pike with Bearden Beer Market Runners

6:30 PM Alliance Brewing Co. 1130 Sevier Ave with Flying Pints

6:30 PM Barrelhouse by Gypsy Circus fun run with Knoxville Track Club

6:30 PM Orange Hat Brewing Co trail run at Haw Ridge with Knoxville Track Club


4:30am Early morning runs in Maryville, TN (Foothill Striders)

5:00am Farragut 5@5 group run

5:30am The Long Run 2452 Sutherland Ave

6:00 AM Quest Health  run at Springbrook Rec Center Alcoa

6 PM The Admiral Pub 143 Brooklawn St. (Fun Run for Beer) $1 discount on beer

6:00PM The Long Run 2452 Sutherland Ave Runners get $1 off first drink at Albright Grove Brewery

6:00 PM Crafty Bastard 6 Emory Place (Crafty Bastard’s Running Crew)

6:00 PM Cansler YMCA run with Angela

630PM SlowKno Running Club at Suttree Landing (7PM in summer)


4:30am Early morning runs in Maryville, TN (Foothill Striders)

5am Oak Ridge group runs at Oak Ridge Civic Center

5am Knoxville Endurance run at Benchmark Physical Therapy in Farragut

6:00 PM Runners Market 4443 Kingston Pike. $1 off beer at Hard Knox Pizza!

6:00 PM Personal Best Racing run at Alliance Brewing Co.

6:30PM Crafty Bastard 6 Emory Place (CraftyGrenadeRace) $1 discount on beer (Seasonal)

630pm Schulz Brau group run with Trey Murphy

6:30 PM Merchants of Beer 137 S. Central St. (Old City Athletic Club) $1 discount on beer


5:00 AM Farragut 5@5 (traveling group)

5:30am The Long Run 2452 Sutherland Ave

8:30am Foothills Striders Coffee Run at Pearson Springs

6:00 PM Central Flats and Taps 1204 N Central St. (North Knox Beer Runners) FREE craft brew from Last Days of Autumn AND CFT for runners (21+)!

6:30 PM Fleetfeet (Turkey Creek) 11619 Parkside Dr

6:30 PM Alliance Brewing Co Trail Run at Mead’s Quarry 13518 Island Home Pike

6:30pm Beginners Track Workout at OnwardKnox


4:30am Early morning runs in Maryville, TN (Foothill Striders)

5:00am Farragut Run (Traveling group)

6:30 PM Pour Taproom 207 W. Jackson Ave (865 Running) Runners receive 10% off drinks following the run!


530am Knoxville Endurance long run (traveling group)

7am @bigorange_rc2 run at Orange Theory Fitness in Bearden

7am Slowknorunningclub Trail Run

8 AM on the 1st Sat of every month Runners Market  4443 Kingston Pike

3-5 mile options, Shoe Demo, FREE Shoes Raffle, & refreshments to follow!

7:30 AM Knoxville Marathon Training (October-March)

8AM* GSM Running Group Run at Pigeon Forge Community Center 170 Community Center Dr. Pigeon Forge, Tn

8am Third Creek Park Run

9am Lululemon Knoxville Run


2 PM Knoxville Track Club Beer Run Series Begins 3/24-5/19

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  1. Hi! Just curious will this schedule continue through the year? After daylight savings time ends? Thanks

    1. Yes! I’ll correct the times when they’re posted on all the group meet up pages. For example, Runner’s Market will switch from a 9am start time to 8am in the summer months and back to 9am start times in the fall. Trail run meet ups will change locations once it gets cooler. Again, I’ll post all changes to the schedule and on social media pages.

  2. If I wanted to join the couch to 5k group at Moe’s, how does it work? Does it cost anything to be in the group? Do we meet at Moe’s at 6:30? And how will I find the group?

    1. Hey girl! All the fun runs are free. Just meet at Moes Original BBQ and I’ll be there. Be sure to wear reflective gear and have a light with you. It’s pretty dark. We’ll all stick together for the run. Download the couch to 5k app. It’s called C25K 5K trainer app. We’ll be using that for our run to pace ourselves. See ya tomorrow!

    1. Hey Adam! The schedule is accurate and updated weekly if any changes occur. I’m the Group leader for 3 of the runs and have the leaders from the other runs as admin on the Facebook page. I post more workouts on the IG & FB pages along with runner updates, race info, etc. Let me know if you have any other questions!

    1. Sorry I’m just now seeing this. It was flagged as spam for some reason. Can you email me or send me a message through the contact form with your contact info? I’ll give you Shawna’s number. It’s a really small group that changes their location regularly, so the info I have posted is limited due to privacy.

    1. Hey! Their numbers were really low in fall/winter. They said they might try again in the summer. When they do, I’ll post it and update the site.

  3. Trying to find a Saturday group to run with. I can hold my own but need accountability. Thanks

  4. Hi! I’m training for Boston (Oct 11) and would love a group for long runs on Saturdays!

  5. Not likely to respond before morning, but where does the 5:30 @ 5 in Farragut meet? I visit from out of town on occasion and usually end up running solo.

  6. Hello
    I’m close to Farragut are there any runs close to me? I was looking at 5 on 5 but I’m not sure what that means. Any insight?

  7. Hello! Looking for details on the Farragut run, new to the area and would love to join a Sunday morning run.

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