Why do YOU run??

I wanted to try something new with the posts... I want to know WHY people run. For me, I started running because I was out of shape from having a baby and had zero friends when I moved here. I wanted to be healthy and surround myself with great people who happen to run. Now... Continue Reading →


Benefits of a Sports Massage

I’ve come to the realization that injuries are preventable if you actually take care of yourself. The nagging pain in my calves has continued despite foam rolling, cupping, and dry-needling. I’ve been told it was due to my flat feet, misalignment of my hips, not stretching, over running, etc. Whatever the cause of the problem has been, it... Continue Reading →

A.R.T. and Chiropractic Adjustments

“As a chiropractor, my goal isn’t just to help you heal from injury. It’s also to help you learn to prevent injury from occurring. I make use of a variety of diagnostic procedures from a multitude of chiropractic and neurologic disciplines, which reveal faulty neurological conditioning, aberrant movement patterns, joint fixations, muscle weaknesses and incorrect... Continue Reading →

Cryotherapy in the Cryobus

When it comes to muscle recovery and injury prevention following long training runs, I usually opt for an ice bath. I’ve found that ice baths prevent muscle soreness and cramps. The downside to ice baths include buying the large bags of ice, pouring them into the tub, and mustering up enough willpower to actually get... Continue Reading →

Knoxville Running at Mountainfest

Weekend recap.... This was the TOUGHEST, most challenging, craziest elevation change, and MOST FUN race series I've ever had the chance to be a part of. These courses were so brutal, that people dropped out DURING the race! If you didn't get the chance to check it out, you have to add this to your... Continue Reading →

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